Opticks by Harapan Ong

The long-awaited sequel to one of our all-time bestsellers has finally arrived.

Harapan Ong is one of the most creative card magicians in the world. He was an underground legend for years until his instant classic book Principia exposed his genius to the community. Filled with some of the most creative card magic we’ve ever seen, Principia was our best-selling magic book for nearly two years.

To this day, Principia is a perennial bestseller that we struggle to keep in print. Magicians clearly cannot get enough of Harapan Ong’s card magic. So, we are thrilled to finally bring you the much-

anticipated sequel—”Opticks”. Instead of a book though, Harapan has gone digital. No, he’s not an NFT…yet. But this is definitely the next best thing.

When Principia launched, we heard from many of you that the accompanying video performances really helped with the learning process. Harapan’s card magic is so innovative that seeing it in writing often doesn’t do it justice. So, ”Opticks” features everything you love about Harapan—entertaining, unique and amazing card magic. But, this time, in an easy-to-digest video format.

26 effects in total are jam-packed into this incredible video release, including a ton of exciting new effects, improved handlings for very hard to find underground gems from his early days, as well as updated performances and explanations for some beloved favorites.

The access code to your digital library comes packed into an eye-catching collector’s case that splits down the middle to unveil a gorgeous custom, limited edition deck based on Sir Isaac Newton that was designed by Stefan Eriksson and printed on premium USPCC crushed stock. A nod to Harapan’s career as a physics teacher, these stunning playing cards handle like a dream and are a worthy addition to any playing card collection.

You’ll also receive a special pack featuring all the gimmicked cards needed for some of the routines. As a special added bonus, anyone who buys from Vanishing Inc. will immediately have the videos added to their account so you can start streaming or downloading instantly.

“Opticks” at a Glance:

  • 26 crystal-clear performances and explanations filmed on location in the UK
  • Special gimmicked cards needed for some of the routines
  • Previously unreleased, limited edition “Newton Playing Cards” deck printed on premium USPCC crushed stock
  • An imaginative, mechanical collector’s case

Contents of “Opticks”

  • Kaleidoscope Production
  • Royal Explosion
  • Perspective
  • Followers of Christ
  • Choices
  • Dunbury Clues
  • The Famous 8 Card Mystery
  • Filter Triumph
  • Percolacetion
  • Prospectus
  • Twisted Choices
  • Solvedzinser
  • Plot Twist
  • Centre of Attention
  • Progressive Flush
  • Daley Express
  • PunchBack
  • SpreadShot Transpo
  • Slap Me Silly
  • Utterly Mental Reverse
  • 3 Degrees of Separation
  • Opposite Day Oil and Water
  • Scattered Sandwich
  • Fatty Mayo
  • Forgetful Collectors
  • Transpollectors

Just like with Principia, there is genuinely something for every skill level and every type of performer in “Opticks.”. Everything from complete card magic routines to snappy color changes and sleight of hand moves. This is super practical material built to slide right into your close up magic set.

Whether you’re already a member of the #HaraFam or this is your introduction to the Singapore Sensation, you will love “Opticks.”

NOTE: Included gaff cards are designed with Bicycle Playing Card backs, with both red and blue backs included.

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