One Shot by Sebastian

One Shot is an impromptu card to impossible location that hides in plain sight. A folded card is introduced and placed inside a shot glass. This happens in full view on the table with no cover. The spectator can sign, name, or just think of any card. The shot glass is picked up, and the card dumped out on the table where the

spectator unfolds it to find their card. The card and the shot glass are fully examinable. Not only is this easy to do, but it can be done with a borrowed deck and a borrowed shot glass.

Not only is this impossible effect taught in full detail by Sebastian, but he includes some great bonus ideas to make the folded card visually appear inside the shot glass as the beginning of the routine as well as pro tips on a few common sleights. One Shot is a fantastic routine on its own, or as the perfect ending when you’ve only got one shot to nail your Ambitious Card routine.

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