Off the Page by Tom Stone

A rare opportunity to learn breathtaking miracles from one of magic’s top thinkers.

On this DVD Tom Stone explores some of the most innovative ideas ever shared on DVD. Prepare to be blown away by amazing methods and effects that are devastating, impossible and most of all entertaining. Included on this DVD are choice selections from his critically acclaimed book Vortex.

Learn powerful magic with a variety of everyday objects, cards, and so much more.

“Tom Stone is the most creative magician working today.” –Michael Feldman

“Having recently seen Tom Stone wow audiences at The Magic Castle, I decided to get his books. Both are filled with excellent and very workable effects. Visual, creative and magical, the material in both Maelstrom and Vortex is outstanding. Tom Stone is a thoughtful man who puts time, energy, creativity and effort into creating his magic. The magic in these books remind me of magic created by great magic thinkers like Tommy Wonder, Fred Kaps, Dean Dill and Gaeton Bloom. Highly recommended.”

“I have respected and admired Tom Stone long before it was considered cool! For his perfectionism as well as his ability to understand what is required to create excellent magic.” –Daryl

“Tom is one of the most creative magicians here in Europe. His work is always stimulating and worthy of attention.” –Tommy Wonder

“I am a fan of Tom Stone. He is wonderfully creative – perhaps even more than he himself realizes!” –Max Maven

“Tom Stone is a rare phenomenon: a fountain of cleverness and creativity, and a truly excellent performer. Whether he is performing or teaching, I want to be in the first row.” -Stephen Minch

“Tom Stone concocts eye-candy for the brain.” –Jon Racherbaumer

“Tom Stones magic is revolutionary. His thoughts and work shows true dedication to his profession and the art that we call magic.” –Samuel Varg Thunberg

“Tom Stone makes material that make my mouth water. Whether you are learning comedy magic, manipulation, close up or stage this guy has something for you.” –Jesse Gernigin

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