Oculus by Brandon Queen

“You know how you pretend to look into someone’s eyes to read their mind? Now you REALLY do! When you master this, you’re going to be the real deal.” -Colin McLeod

“I love that the method is also a premise. No matter what happens you’ll be demonstrating an impressive skill.” -Ran Pink

“Brandon Queen’s Oculus is a great example of organic, pure mind-reading.”- Don Theo III

“As real as it’s gonna get” -Brandon Queen

Look at how creeped-out the first girl in this video looks. Wanna know why? Because there is NO FREAKING WAY Brandon could have known what she was thinking. She didn’t write it down or tell A SOUL.

This is real mind-reading. That means two things:

1. It’s powerful — I mean SCARY POWERFUL. Like, impossible to explain. Just IMPOSSIBLE.. it’s the real deal.

2. It’s very reliable, but it doesn’t work on people without souls. Ok, I’m kidding about the soul thing, but it won’t work on some people (you’ll soon see why).

Oculus by Brandon Queen
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    thanks for all of dem downloads!

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