Number 4 Envelope by Blake Vogt

The Perfect Multiple Out Device?

This is some very clever thinking from Blake Vogt. It looks like a regular envelope, but has a beautiful 4 way out system built in. And the best bit? The spectator removes the contents of the envelope themselves.

It’s not just a multiple out device, it can also be used to switch cards, billets, paper and cash.

The dimensions are 3”x4”, so it fits in your pocket easily. Known for releasing quality items, the Number 4 Envelope is made from Tyvek. It’s waterproof and it won’t tear; it will last you a lifetime. You’ll receive one fully made gimmick – no arts and crafts required – and a detailed instructional video from Blake himself which features 3 full routines you can use straight away. Blake will take you through each step of how to utilize this brilliant envelope in great detail.

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  1. Please Upload Card Castle ny Blake Vogt

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