Now! 2 by Mariano Goni

“The most powerful prediction system I know.”
– Alex Miclea – Magic Apps Group

It’s a highly polished masterpiece, where technology does a sure fire work for you.

The method will fool everyone. Magicians, laypeople, everyone.

The magician / mentalist asks for a phone with internet and in no time places a prediction there.

Can be an image, a Google search, a Youtube video or anything you can imagine.

Spectator’s phone is placed face-down, and they select (no force) from a pack of cards with names, any option they want. You can even have 2 or 3 custom decks of cards for them to choose from.

You never take out your phone, and you NEVER touch your phone. Once they choose the selection, you ask them to turn over their phone… and yes, with 100% accuracy there is your prediction.

Keep in mind that you don’t do any “moves” once they point to a card or name it, and you don’t patter or tell them a story (unless you want!).

This is the most straightforward prediction.

The method will fool everyone. Magicians, laypeople, everyone.

Take it and fry your audience, almost self-working.

Totally customizable as any other Mariano Goni product.

The app also connects with “Password Video Prediction” (making it more impossible and easier for the magician) and with ALIEN bone conduction device for hands-off miracles.

This is highly interactive, highly entertaining, highly fooling and 100% unforgettable.

Comes Complete with 30 electronic gimmicks.

Requirements: Iphone 7 and up, or NFC Android enabled phone (for the app).


  1. Does it include the APP as well? Please confirm then I will by Nitro package

    • No you don´t and you also need an activation key for an online service so you can´t perform it when you download it here.

  2. Can you upload the “NOW 1” DVD pkease?

  3. Can you upload the “NOW 1” DVD pkease?

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