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Hello and welcome to Novo. This is the bill switch that Alan goes to when he wants to leave his spectators absolutely stunned. Novo lets you take one bill from the spectator and with a wave of your hand you will be able to double or change its value.

We wanted you to see Novo exactly like the spectator see it. Not cuts, no fancy edits and no messing about. So here is the Novo demo which is a one take live shot. Enjoy.

When creating Novo, Alan set himself a few simple rules:

1: It had to be quick and easy to set up. Once you have the method down for Novo you will be able to set it up in under 5 seconds with paper money.

2: Novo had to be easy to do in a real performing environment. With Novo you have a 180 viewing angle. The only really bad angle is from the back as with most bill switches. It is as easy a waving your hand to do.

3: It had to be UNGIMMICKED. Yes that’s right, Novo uses not gimmicks at all. You only ever use 2 ungimmicked bills during the routine. Nothing else.

4: It had to be visual. We think Novo is as visual as any bill change on the market. That’s why we made the demo a single unedited shot. Alan himself will tell you the performance was not perfect but we think that speaks volumes for how visual Novo really is.

5: Everything had to be inspect able. The bill at the start is borrowed and the bill at the end is inspect able. In fact if you really want to, you can let them keep it. Did we mention it only uses two bills? So everything is inspect able.

The Novo download is an MP4 video that is just under 30 minutes where Alan Goes into every detail you will need to know to set up and perform Novo.

As we stated before, it will work with any currency BUT plastic bills will take a little more time to work in correctly. Alan took a day to work in one of the new plastic
Scottish bills and it works just fine.

Also with American bills you will need to practice a little more to make the move look perfect.

However Alan did perforom this hundreds of times at the magic castle using borrowed money so it does work just as well. Novo truly does work with all currencies however some will take a little less practice than others. We just want to be open an honest with what you get.

Novo By Alan Rorrison
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