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NIX4 by Paul Brook : newdlmagicstore

For countless performances now, my show has ended with a powerful finale.

This finale, called NIX4, is four incredible effects in one and they all fit perfectly together to produce a full-bodied finish to any parlour or stage show.

When the performer uses NIX4, he demonstrates four separate skill sets: Prediction, Influence, Direct Mind Reading and the mastery of Non-Verbal cues. In its entirity, NIX4 uses 5 audience

members and has an incredible sixteen moments of amazement.

NIX4 relies on one single moment of sneakiness, just one, and then the effects simply fall into place.

Here’s what you will find in NIX4:

A new and exciting way to use a Chair Test that makes sense and has strong up-sell possibilities for trade shows, corporate events and other bespoke performances.
Direct Mind Reading, where you look at your participants on stage and reveal what word they are thinking of, or at least a word that is close to their mental selection.
The ability to detect which participants on stage are truth tellers or liars.
A Prediction of one of the participants’ mentally selected words that is on show BEFORE that word is revealed.
A Redemption style effect, where you ‘fail’ to divine a word thought of by a participant. Once the end of the show applause dies down, the performer points to an A4 card that has been on show the entire time. Upon turning it around, the word that the performer missed is PRINTED on the reverse side of the card.

Best of all is that everything you need to perform all these phenomenal abilities will pack so flat that they fit into a regular A4 folder. Not only this, but NIX4 was created with larger audiences in mind, so it can be performed in large theatres and everyone will be able to see what is happening, including anything that needs to be read. Naturally, NIX4 also works fantastically with smaller audiences.

Time wise, NIX4 can be played swiftly as a 15 min piece, comfortably as a 20 min piece or as a more leisurely 25 min piece.

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