New World Order by Warren Thackeray

New World Order by Warren Thackeray – MindFX

MindFX is pleased to announce the impending release of Warren Thackeray’s new book “New World Order”.  ‘New World Order’ details Warren’s incredible technique for revealing names, star-signs and more.  So, what makes this ‘method’ different to the rest? Please consider the following points –

  • Nothing is ever written down, spoken, or otherwise communicated by the participant.
  • This is performed entirely on the fly with no advance preparation required.

  • This can be performed in both close-up and stage environments. It will work equally as well in a one on one situation.
  • This does not require any clever word play, anagrams or dual reality. The participant will be as equally impressed as the audience.
  • The method behind this is ‘New’ and is not based upon any pre-existing work.
  • The information is harvested completely out of the awareness of the spectator involved.

Further information –

  • There are certain situational elements that are required to make this work. That said, these elements will present themselves on many occasions (details on how to choose the best participants have been included within the book).
  • Although the method at play is very easy, this effect does require a higher degree of performance/theatrical skill to maximize the impact of the reveal(s).
  • This effect is best performed under the guise of a hypnosis demonstration (albeit genuine or pseudo). 
  • Additional routining and presentational elements are included within the book.
  • Works in any language.

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