Never Seen by Jean-Pierre Vallerino

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From a borrowed deck, a spectator freely chooses a card, signs it, and puts it back in the deck before thouroughly shuffling the cards. They then place the cards into THEIR pocket. At no point has the magician touched the deck which means the card can GENUINELY be at any position.

Effortlessly, the magician reaches into the spectator’s pocket and after a second of searching, removes his hand, holding one card which is, of course, the sighed selection.

When we first saw this, we were fooled. As will all of Mr. Vallarino’s effects, this is devilishly clever and is constructed so that it will be remembered as even more impossible than it already is!

With your purchase, you also receive a very commendable bonus item – ‘Knife Through Card’. After following the same actions described above, the cards are put into a paper bag and shaken up in order to mix them. With a knife pointing upwards, the bag is impaled onto the blade and ripped away. One card remains on the blade, the selection. This is a very nice application of the method and is sure to open your eyes to other possibilities with this effect.

  • Not difficult
  • Gimmick included

NOTE: You will need a standard Bicycle deck (not included)

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  1. Peter Turner – Jinxed 2

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