Mist Coin Set by Jimmy Fan

Mist Coin Set by Jimmy Fan Magic Tricks Magic Props Coin Magic Close up  Performer Illusions Coin Vanish Appear Magician Funny|Magic Tricks| -  AliExpress

The Matrix plays an important role in the coin magic. There have been countless versions of routines for hundreds of years. Each coin magician has his own style of performance, and there are many award-winning works.

Now I will introduce a new combination coin set “Mist Coin Set”, a coin matrix that can easily confuse the audience with almost no skills. Of course, this routine also uses some special coins. It is suitable for mid and close range, and it is easier for beginners to get started. You can also use this coin set to perform more routines.

Comes with three Walking Liberty Half Dollars, two special coins and video instruction.

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