Mind Readers Triumph by Luis Carreon (only Premium)

Take one of the most powerful card tricks of all time, and add misdirection, mind-reading, SUPER polished handling and you’ve got MRT: Mind Readers Triumph.

The trick starts like the classic, a card is chosen and returned to an absurdly shuffled deck. Here’s where it goes to a new level.. not only did you SECRETLY DISCOVER what card they chose, you can perform a mind-reading revelation PLUS show that the cards have all turned the same way except the chosen card. So that’s 2 mind-blowing effects in one.

The handling on this trick is so convincing and innocent looking, it even fools magicians who know the basic triumph. It’s obvious Luis is a worker who’s been polishing it for years.

Mind Readers Triumph by Luis Carreon (only Premium)
Download : Nitroflare (only Premium )

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  1. can you please upload Luis carreon penguin live lecture? thank you

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