Mind Over Metal by Menny Lindenfeld

“I travel internationally a lot, so I TREASURE these rare gems I can perform silently.” -Maxwell Murphy

“I feel like Magneto from X-MEN, minus the doom and destruction!” -Shaun Dunn

Next time you’re eating out, grab 2 spoons from the table and you’re ready.

1. You stand COMPLETELY still.
2. Staring INTENSELY at 2 spoons.
3. Channeling MYSTERIOUS forces.
4. Slowly, the spoons START TO REPEL.
5. Nothing else moves — except the metal.

Menny Lindenfeld is TOP PRO. He makes a living doing this stuff, and in this video, he will show you ALL the details of turning this clever trick into a MIRACLE.

PROFESSIONALS: The raw power of this trick comes from the 2 spoons emphasizing HOW MUCH bending is actually happening. Your audiences don’t have to be “talked into” seeing it. They can see it CLEARLY.

Learn this today, and you’ll be doing it EVERY time you go out. The cool thing is you can use almost ANY spoons, and if you’ve never done any metal bending, don’t worry — You don’t have to be Hercules to pull it off!

Mind Over Metal is STUNNING. And at the end, you can immediately hand everything out. Nothing to hide. I love it.

Acar Altinsel
born to perform.

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