MEMORY AT THE CARD TABLE by Joseph Barry (only Premium)

In this video download Joseph Barry teaches his prized routine ‘Memory at the card table’. You’ll be able to memorise a shuffled deck and instantly deal winning hands of blackjack and poker – all using minimum actual memory skill!

“Some of the best card work I’ve ever seen; absolutely mesmerising, bewildering and above all inspiring.” – Daniel Madison

“Joseph barry is an exciting new talent on the card scene, combining original moves and bold methods with an insight into how lay people really think. You never know quite what to expect and you will be fooled.” – Justin Higham

“I met Joseph Barry at The Session convention. He blew me away with his card magic. All his effects are direct, simple and clear. It was a wicked pleasure for me to introduce him to different magicians over the weekend and stand back and watch their faces as Joe went to work, fooling them badly, again and again with simple and direct effects. Erdnase himself would be proud as there is simply nothing to suspect, let alone detect during his performance.” – Quentin Reynolds

“Joe where have you been hiding!?! Your new DVD is stellar! If you want pure hard hitting magic then this is it. A great blend of cards and mentalism which I love.” – Ryan Schlutz

MEMORY AT THE CARD TABLE by Joseph Barry (only Premium)
Download : Nitroflare (only Premium )

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  1. Do you have the Dave Loosley Alakazam Academy from 2018?

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