MDX4 by Matthew Duarte

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A card chosen by a spectator is signed on the face, and an X is drawn in each corner of the back. IN FULL VIEW the

magician slides the ink of one X across to join its buddy in the top corner – as if the laws of physics just don’t apply.

This is repeated with the remaining two X’s, while the spectator watches from just inches away. With a spin, the nowpermanently changed card is handed out for examination – a souvenir that they can keep.Leave your mark with this stunningly visual effect.

MDX4 by Matthew Duarte
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  1. corrupted file, plz check it. stops at 12 mins, restarts.

  2. Sir can you plz plz upload opening minds by colin mcleod .thankyou very much for these dvds sir.?if possible try uploading mentalism magic dvd of lee arle and colin mcleod .thankyou

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