Mathieu Bich – Watermark

Watermark By Mathieu Bich – Magic Tricks

theory11 – Mathieu Bich – Watermark

Creativity comes from the same creative master Mathieu Bich , the audience will choose a card and then put the stacks inside, and then the magician took out a can to the audience check napkins, the audience took the napkin, sprinkle a little water on a napkin , then slowly, the audience selected card is displayed on a napkin !


A stunning revelation from the mind of award winning magician Mathieu Bich A card is chosen and placed back into the deck -. And a napkin (or cloth, tissue, etc.) is introduced and examined

While the spectator holds the napkin, some water. It is lightly sprinkled over it.

Slowly and visually, the chosen selection appears through the water. The napkin can, of course, be kept as a souvenir. You can use Mathieu’s concept to reveal a name, card, object, or anything else your heart desires. Simple, direct, and astonishing. Introduction by Dan White.

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