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“Mark is somebody who I want to keep secret  from the world but at the same time tell everybody about. I’m blessed to be somebody wh

he’s willing to share his secrets and ideas with and lucky are those who get the same privilege.  I’m his biggest fan.”  – Daniel Madison

“Mark is an ‘in-your-face’ force of nature, thoroughly unafraid to challenge magic’s conventional wisdom.  His performances constantly remind me that personality is at the heart of entertainment.” – Atlas Brookings

“I always enjoy seeing Mark’s work. He is someone who always pulls out a gem or two when you least expect it.”  – Alan Rorrison

“Every time I see Mark he has something new to blow me away. A very creative thinker with the hands to match.” – Doug McKenzie

What will he teach?

Rubik’s Revenge This is a great opener for MC’s and any stand up or cabaret setting! The Magician explains how to solve the rubik’s cube and claims to hold the record for solving the cube behind his back. A hilarious piece with a kicker ending!

Cyrano This is something Mark has been holding close to the chest for a long time and closes his stand up show with this piece! Two spectators (complete strangers) come up with their respective smart phones and begin to text each other back and forth. The magician proceeds to read the mind of one spectator and writes down what each text says. No preshow! No Stooges!

No Dice This is a utility device to secretly force a number to a spectator that can be used for a plethora of effects. Russian Roulette, Bank Night… the possibilities are endless!

Blow A card is chosen and placed into the deck. The magician spreads the deck across the table and blows at the spread and ONE card flutters out and across the table. It’s the spectator’s card! This is extremely visual!

Potato This is a unique mental effect where the magician writes down something on a piece of paper that is crumbled up into a ball. The magician sets a timer on his phone and the ball is passed back and forth amongst the group like a game of hot potato. When the phone alarm buzzes, the spectator with the paper opens up to find that the magician predicted EXACTLY who would have the ball at the end of the timer! The magician never touches the phone after the timer is set!

NLL This is an interesting concept for the close-up table that allows you to do some amazing color changes and switches with cards. Imagine the ability to lap without needing your lap!

Mark will also go over his work on invisible loops, unpublished work on “DVS/THE SEER”, memorized deck ideas and some other great close up ideas.

Who is he?

Performing professionally for 15 years, Mark Calabrese has made a name for himself in the world of close-up magic. Armed with cunning sleight-of-hand and a charming personality, Mark dazzles his audiences with his digital dexterity. He uses these tools to deceive and entertain his audiences while keeping them laughing out of their seats.

Ordinary, everyday items become objects of fancy as Mark delicately handles them with feats of prestidigitation. Coins multiply, cards fly, and audiences cheer.  Mark’s brand of magic has been honed over the past few years all over the country.

Mark forms a special bond with his audiences, creating intimate miracles, often taking place in your hands! Mark is also an established Street performer in New York City’s South Street Seaport with many acts in his repertoire.  Mark has been lucky enough to perform for stars suchs as Mike Epps (Next Friday, The Hangover), Rosie O’Donnell, Rob Schneider and Gilbert Gottfried, just to name a few.

Corporate clients include Meryl Lynch, MTV, and Morgan Chase Bank. In 2012, Mark was commissioned to consult for Las Vegas magician Criss Angel for television and stage magic. Mark has been featured on Television shows on MTV, FOX, The SYFY Channel and on CW as a contestant on the hit television show Penn and Teller Fool Us.

Mark has his own one man comedy magic show at the Levity Live Comedy Club that he has performed over 15 times to sold-out crowds in the New Jersey/New York area.

Mark is also an established magic creator and consultant. His best-selling work “DVS” and “The Seer” has sold thousands of copies worldwide.

Mark Calabrese LIVE (Penguin LIVE) (only Premium)
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