Marcelo Insua (Tango) – Penguin LIVE

“Mr. Tango gathers his ingenuity and subtleties in order to produce great magic along the knowledge of what the audience wants to see!!!” -Henry Evans

“I don’t think there is one person in magic that hasn’t got a Tango coin” -Craig Petty

“Bobo would have been proud of you.” -Barry Allen

What will he teach?

  • Coin Across
  • Coins Thru Table
  • 3 Fly Coin
  • Matrix
  • Chink-A-Chink
  • Coins to Glass
  • Coin Thru Bill
  • Signed Coin to Pepper
  • …and more ALL using his T.U.C (Tango Ultimate Coin) gaffed coin.

He’ll also be teaching…

  • An ingenious system called Unmemorized Deck that allows you to perform memorized deck effects without any effort.
  • His version of the classical “out of this world” effect.
  • His handling and effects using his “Mind Writer” boon device. (A must for any mentalist)
  • A version of Alan Shaxon’s Confabulation routine called “Shared Dreams”.
  • Routines using the Tango Ultimate Reel.
  • A chop cup routine using regular glasses as well as his method to load the fruits, great for any “cup”routine.
  • He’ll also be sharing a gem directly from his current close up act… his new version of Any Card At Any Number.

Mr. Tango is one of those magicians you really must see to fully appreciate and enjoy. His skills are top notch. His style is elegant and unique. Everyone will learn and be inspired by this lecture.

Who is he?

Marcelo Insua aka “Tango” is the owner of the Tango Magic gaffed coins factory. He has been a professional magician for over 20 years and owns the only magic bar and theatre in South America, called Bar Magico.

Mr. Tango is one of the world’s leading coin magicians. His world class coin gimmicks are used by professionals across the globe and have earned him the utmost respect in the magic community.

In 2012, he was even honored with the FISM Invention Award for his TUC (Tango Ultimate Coin). This was the first time in the history that somebody won this prize for a gaffed coin. Tango is the REAL DEAL.

If you could ask ONE question to one of the world’s most creative professional magicians, what would it be?

If you’’ve never been to a magic lecture, there’s never been a better time. Sunday September 1st at 7:00pm, we’re live-streaming Marcelo “Tango” Insua in a spectacular 2-hour interactive online lecture. Watch, ask questions and learn things you won’t find in any book or DVD.

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