Marc Paul LIVE ACT (Penguin LIVE) (only Premium)

“Marc Paul is one of my absolute favourite performers! I’ve seen Marc perform on a number of occasions and every time I do I always remind myself that I need to up my game. Quick witted, inspirational and entertaining – The man is a machine!”– Peter Turner

“My absolute favourite creator of mentalism that has a strong impact and deviously streamline method. Seriously solid working material!” Paul Brook

“Marc Paul is one of my favourite mentalists. The others are Jermay, Weber, Cassidy, Maven and Fida so he’s in good company! Marc is super smart, super slick and a true working professional. Good things do come in threes!” Chris Rawlins

“Marc can always be relied upon to deliver strong, commercial material that is an absolute joy to perform. His methods are straightforward, fooling and 100% bullet-proof. Whether you are a hobbyist or a full-time professional, this material is solid gold! I’m a huge Marc Paul fan and after watching his lecture, you will be too!”– Iain Moran

What will he teach?

A 40 minute (Segmented) Stand-up Mentalism Act.
The idea behind a segmented show is that it gives the performer flexibility. The full show can be broken down into shorter acts when the performer is required to do a shorter performance. With this particular act you will be able to deliver 10 min, 20 min, 30 min or full 40 minute shows all of which are impactful and all of which retain an escalation in impossibility.

Effects included in Act:

CHALLENGE MIND-READING: This is Marc’s go to opener. It’s a Word Test performed with a skeptic, a test conditions piece that (tongue in cheek) turns him into a believer!

DECISIONS, DECISIONS, DECISIONS: Marc has kept this to himself for over 15 years. This is very strong piece. It’s essentially a chair prediction with no chairs, involves six people from the audience (five men and one lady) and consists of four amazing effects blended together into a feature routine.

TIME TO GET TO KNOW YOU: This is a “spectator as the mind reader effect” where Marc teaches a guy to read his partner’s mind!

THOUGHT READER: Returns to the plot Marc loves most, revealing personal information about his audience. This is more than an envelope test it’s a mini Q & A that is extremely flexible. Only two envelopes are used. The audience members themselves seal their information inside and Marc NEVER touches those envelopes, yet he can reveal the contents of both and more! This is super super clean!

As a BONUS, Marc has also included:

THIS, THAT and the OTHER: Included as a video, this is an alternative opener that Marc uses for smaller groups. It’s fun, engaging and has a payoff that is a strong moment of astonishment AND gets a big laugh!

THE BLACKBOARD PLOY– which will be included as a PDF. Although this is not an effect it is a completely verbal opener that engages the whole audience. You’ll get the actual script that Marc uses to get everyone in a large audience actively involved. The PDF will show you how he also uses the Blackboard Ploy to not only engage everyone but also how to select someone in the middle of the audience and read their mind.
You will also get a second bonus PDF that shows you how to use the effects that Marc teaches to achieve any length act that you want. 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 and 45 minute acts have all been created for you. They all have a beginning, middle and strong ending. It’s actually EIGHT acts all in one!

Who is he?

Marc has been a fully time professional mentalist for over 25 years. He performs all over the world working at corporate events, trade shows and on cruises.
During that time he has also made numerous appearances on British TV. You may have seen him heading up the mentalism episode as part of the BBC’s History of Magic series and crossing swords with Ann Robinson on a special celebrity edition of “The Weakest Link”. He was also chosen to be part of an X-Men live event that launched the X-Men First Class movie; he appeared on radio, TV and various on-line media and was dubbed “The real-life Professor X”. Marc also taught celebrity actress Nina Wadia how to read minds on the ITV1 hit show “Get Your Act Together”.
Marc has a deep knowledge of his art and real world experience of how to apply it to create strong impactful routines and acts that amaze, stun and inspire his audiences to believe in the impossible.

Marc Paul LIVE ACT (Penguin LIVE) (only Premium)
Download : Nitroflare (only Premium )

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