Luke Jermay – The Happenings – Exclusive Virtual Live Event Series (Sessions 5)

I invite you to join me for an exclusive series of 12 virtual live events. Each session is dedicated to a specific theme, which will be explored in depth as I share my original thinking, methods and effects. The sessions will have a strict limit of 50 attendees only and take place on the third Saturday of each month starting in February at 9.00pm U.K Time. All sessions are included in the purchase, one payment gains access to all 12 sessions.

Each session is scheduled for 3 hours but some may go longer.

Subscribers to the series will be able to download each session after it is completed.


Here is a sample of what is in store:

Readings For The Mentalist: A session dedicated to Jermay’s ‘Invisible Tarot’ system allowing you to generate original, free flowing and unique readings whether in the context of a casual demonstration or a formal theatrical show all without the need to memorise cumbersome cold reading scripts.

Pre-Show Work:  Jermay’s latest thinking on one of mentalism’s most powerful but most challenging techniques.  Jermay has extensive experience in real world application of pre-show technique and will share his refined and foolproof approach including creative solutions to some less obvious problems, such as ‘how do you find the pre-show’ spectator in a full audience?’ and more.

Mentalism On Video:  Jermay will offer some methods suited for performances on television and video.  Drawing from his extensive background in consulting for major TV shows, this session will surprise even the most experienced performer in its frank and open exploration of the little known realities of performing on TV.

Script Writing:  The number one question Jermay is asked by mentalists is: how do you write your scripts?  In this session, you will learn the answer and learn a series of techniques and tips to write an expressive, unique and original script.  It is not as hard as you think.

Deep Mysteries:  What would an audience think about your show if they knew exactly how each demonstration worked? Most magic and mentalism would disappoint.    However, there are some deep mysteries, those things which the more you explore them, the more you know about them, the more mysterious and amazing  they become.  In this session Jermay will share his latest thinking, that has been at the core of his recent virtual and theatrical work, in releasing the need for secrets and offering the audience deep mysteries without the need for deception.

Each session will offer the opportunity for us to to directly engage in an open and honest dialogue about the topics explored.  If you enjoy the work I share with the community then I believe this series of live events will be something you will gain massive value from.  Here, we get to connect directly in the virtual space and explore the what we love most; the mystery arts.

I hope you will join me and together we can connect in mystery.

Luke Jermay

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