Lethal by Bobby Motta

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Bobby Motta had the idea for this amazing effect.  He came to me to design and build it for him.  It has built-in huge entertainment!  Check out the video below.

“Lethal is nasty! The mechanism is so slick you won’t believe it. I’ve tried to come up with something like this for years but couldn’t find the solution.  Bobby and Gerry did!”

Dave Merry

Customer Reviews:

1.  Ok, now for my review. I got this a few weeks ago, and don’t usually add something into my act so quick, but this just was perfect for the up coming big event I had. I was performing for the National Health Service (NHS) 60th anniversary ball in front of 600 people, and it went absolutely brilliant. I have had so many comments since about that effect alone, and has already for me made it completely worth it.

The craftsmanship on the board is sensational! Built to last a long time I am sure. I have quite a few BIG events coming up as well, and I will use it then. This effect does require practice, as all tricks should. Now,

The props are first quality as I have said before.

The nice thing is, is that it is all self contained, so when you get to your gig, just carry the board in and you are set!


The effect also comes with a really nicely produced DVD. The DVD is broken into many segments, and Bobby is a good teacher. I don’t believe a single step was left unturned. The DVD starts with a welcome, as all DVDs do these days, followed by a few live performances. It really is good to watch the performances, and learn from them. Then you get shown the technical side. Gerry goes through what you have and how it works and how to set it up ready to perform. This is probably the most useful section on the DVD, and really does go over everything technical you could need to know. You basically get a walkthrough of the device.

And to close up are the final tips. Here Bobby just goes through how important it is etc to milk, and build up the effect as it happens. This really is a strong effect, and with three different ways to perform it, really makes it versatile.

For working Magicians, this really is great, and will easily repay you in performances. For hobbyists, the price is a little much, especially if you are only performing to family and friends every now and then. Bobby and Jerry really should be proud of this effect, as it really is top notch in every way, and I feel lucky to be a proud owner of Lethal.

When I performed it, I brought some hardware gloves, goggles and safety jacket. When I told them how dangerous it was, as I was throwing a knife at them, safety gear would be needed…and I proceeded to bring out a 

Lethal by Bobby Motta
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