Kneill X – The Last Prediction

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A self working, insanely clean and utterly impossible Open Prediction!

The magician writes a prediction and places it in full view of the audience. A spectator takes a freely shuffled pack (yes, freely) and deals cards face up onto the table until they choose to deal one card face down.

This selection is secured under a rubber band on the card case and remains in full view, protected from any chicanery by the band.

The spectator now continues dealing through the remainder of the pack face up. Everyone watches the deal, looking for the predicted card in the face up cards dealt. It does not appear.

The card under the band is cleanly and openly removed and flipped face up. It matches the prediction.

* A Self Working Miracle

* Simple To Do. Incredible impact.

* No Forces

* Regular Shuffled Deck

* No Memory Work

* Perform it in the hands

* Fast Reset

* Comes with specially made Bicycle Gimmick. (Works with Red Bicycle Deck, but Kneill X teaches you how to construct alternative gimmicks for other designs!).


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