Keito – Keito’s Lecture presented by Zee J. Yan

Keito is an incredible underground sleight of hand artist from Tokyo, Japan.

Many great Japanese magicians tend not to share their work with people who are not in their inner circle, but I finally got Keito to step out of his inner circle and share his work with us!

Keito’s Lecture will be a breath of fresh air.  All the routines are complete routines that are already ready to be performed in front of real-life spectators.

Here are a few keywords for Keito’s style of magic: #Streamlined #Direct #Visual

Content of Keito’s Lecture:

1. Hand-play Sandwich

2. Punching a Tunnel

3. Non-collector Collector

4. Momiji Split

5. Blink Production

6. Numbers

7. Center Steal.

9. Card in the Mirror

10. Haunted


Lecture Details:


You will receive an email with an invitation link 1 hour prior to the lecture. Zee will be in the room before the lecture starts, so please feel free to drop by 1 hour early and hang out with Zee!

Time: Feb 19, 8 PM EST
Platform: Zoom
Language: English


Will I get a recorded lecture after the live so you can either re-watch it or wasn’t able to make it to the live lecture?


Will Keito speak English during the lecture?

No, but there will be a professional Japanese-English translator involved.

Are the materials difficult?

Most of the materials in the lecture are relatively simple and easy if you have card magic foundations.

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