Joe Monti LIVE

“Joe Monti is a real worker and a great guy and the sort of person you want to hang out with because just being around him you will pick up things that will make you a better entertainer. If he is lecturing anywhere you can get to, go see him.” -Eric Henning

“I’ve had many entertainers work for me. Mr. Monti is by far the most professional and is THE most requested act I’ve ever had.” -Columbia Pictures Studio Executive

“I thought Joe was out of my price range but he worked with me to make it work. After his show I realized he should have charged me more. Great!” -CEO Direct Network TV

What will he teach?

Joe Monti is a funny, engaging and highly-skilled performer who knows how to make magic entertaining and commercial. His tricks are fast-paced, visual and deceptive. He truly loves magic and is enthusiastic about sharing it with others.

He’s going to share some of the best-kept secrets in card and coin magic and talk about his experiences in all facets of professional magic entertainment… close-up, stage, and television. He’s done it all.

Joe’s set list will consist of unpublished card and coin material and his variations of effects from the likes of Derek Dingle, David Roth, Darwin Ortiz, Ed Marlo, Gene Maze and a host of others.

He’ll show you hidden gems that were taught directly to him by some of the masters of our art.

Joe works fast and fun so this event promises to have a ton of magic jammed in for us all to learn and enjoy.

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