Jhana by Watkins (PDF) (only Premium)

Jhana is the first limited edition book from the creative mind of Watkins.

He has agreed to finally release some of the work he has kept mainly to himself and only shared with a few of his close friends, up until now.

After slowly building his reputation as one of the stand out under-ground creators amongst his peers we have decided it is time to finally let others know about him and for his ingenious ideas to be shared with the community, as a whole.

Jhana is an e-book containing a collection of real secrets that utilize traditional method combined with subtleties of language and the use of words to shift perception.

With the knowledge held within it’s pages you will be able to do the following:

Divine Moment of Truth — The performer tells a story of a life changing experience he once had that explained all the mysteries of the universe. He writes down the secret to life on a piece of paper and shows it to one participant. The participant reads what is written and has a genuine emotional reaction (this is the effect which caused a spectator to cry in the video that was shared for a brief time on line).

Severance — A method for ‘instant pre-show’ and for making billets invisible. A way to apparently reveal names, dates, pin codes without these ever seemingly written down.

Introjection — A participant is put into a ‘trance’. The performer is then seen to reveal details about the participants life that he could not possibly know. Including things that were never written down.

When the Sky Was Opened — The performer is seen to literally ‘steal’ the name of a best friend from the mind of the participant. The participant is then seen to be incapable of speaking the name. The performer then ‘puts their thought back into their head’ whilst at the same time revealing the name.

The Flutter of Black Wings — A way to divine the pin number of the participant or have them divine yours. Includes additional subtleties and ideas from Peter Turner and Fraser. (Sold previously in a separate manuscript)

Jhana by Watkins (PDF) (only Premium)
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