Jason England – Masterclass Live (Week 1)

Jason England: Masterclass: Live - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

One of the ways that a virtual format enhances learning is for learning technique. The precision, close-ups, and attention to detail you can share over a zoom call allows a large amount of people to follow along with even the most intricate techniques. We can’t imagine anyone better to sit with when it comes to technique than Jason England. A historian and master of cheating techniques with playing cards, Jason has also assembled an impressive repertoire of magic as well. And he’s sharing it with us in this intensive Masterclass: Live. This is your chance to study and interact with one of the great sleight-of-hand artists of our time.

Session One (August 1st 2021, 4pm ET): Shuffle work

  • Breather Crimp Technique
  • Fixing the Push-Through Shuffle – 4 Tips to Mastery
  • Riffle Shuffle and Crimp Combinations

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