Invisible Soul presented by Adrian Vega

Perform an incredibly direct piece of magic with almost no moves, and leave your audience with no explanation. The card the name is the only face-up card in the deck, and it’s a different color than the rest of the deck. Before you move on because you think you have this trick in your drawer, you should know that the rest of the cards are blank. This is Invisible Soul presented by Adrian Vega.

Here’s what happens:

Invisible Soul starts by introducing a blue card box, that the audience is asked to imagine contains a blue deck. However, the deck that comes out of the box is red. The audience is asked to imagine they are holding the soul of the deck choose half of the deck, and then name any card in that half of the deck. The card they name is the card they choose. For the first time, the magician picks up the deck and spreads through it, revealing only one playing card is facing up, and it is the named card. That card is turned over and revealed to be the only blue card in a red deck. Then, in a stunning kicker, the deck is spread face up, and all of the cards in the deck are blank.

You will receive a specially gimmicked deck that makes this impossible effect a reality. In addition to the deck, you’ll receive expert instructions from Spanish card expert Adrian Vega. This trick comes ready to go right out of the box and doesn’t require any crazy sleight of hand to perform. The deck does all the work for you. The named card feels like an impossibly free choice that your audience will never be able to backtrack. Let the spirit of the deck give you big reactions with Invisible Soul presented by Adrian Vega.

Invisible Soul is a presentation of an idea originally created by Adrian Gower and released by Alakazam. Special thanks to Alakazam for giving us permission to release our version of Adrian Gower’s original idea.

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  1. Salvador Emanuel Godínez Hernández

    Easy to perform!!

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