Invisible Hand by Patrick Kun (only Premium)

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Patrick Kun is known for his skillful, visual, and elegant card magic.
His modern cards across routine, Invisible Hands, is no exception!

You display a four-of-a-kind to your audience. One-by-one, the cards jump from one hand to the other, instantly and right before their eyes! After the cards have traveled, they visually change in a split second into a completely different four-of-a-kind!

Invisible Hands is simple, visual, and practical. It uses no gimmicks or gaffs – just an ordinary deck of cards and two hands. Patrick teaches everything you need to know, including 3 variations, plus a bonus handling! Once you learn it, you can perform it anytime, anywhere – even with a borrowed deck!

– No Gaffs or Gimmicks
– Visual, Simple, and Practical
– Surprise Kicker Ending
– 3 Variations, Plus Bonus Handling

Invisible Hand by Patrick Kun (only Premium)
Download : Nitroflare (only Premium )

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  1. Can u upload KFC by Michael Kaminskas?

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