Introduction to Watch Stealing by Anthony Grupido

Introduction to Watch Stealing - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

Ever wanted to learn how to steal a watch off someone’s wrist without them noticing? Stealing a watch like a professional pickpocket is one of the best ways to add a powerful and hilarious moment to any magic or theater show, and it’s easier to do than you’d think!

Anthony Grupido, a Detroit-based magician that has garnered millions of views for his watch steal videos on TikTok and Instagram, is here to help you get started with learning how to steal watches. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to secretly remove a watch from someone’s wrist, this is a great place to start. And you can save 25% with a discounted introductory rate for a limited


This quickfire guide to stealing watches offers an overview of the skills you need to steal watches with leather or rubber straps including:

  • Ways to steal a watch based on how its positioned on their wrist
  • Applying the right pressure to make the steal go unnoticed
  • Choosing the right person
  • How to disarm a person prior to the steal
  • Anthony’s go-to approach for covering the steal

There is no fluff here. “Introduction to Watch Stealing” will show you all the basics of watch stealing in less than 10 minutes. Just be warned, once you enter into the exciting world of pickpocketing, it will be hard to stop yourself from exploring the many exciting possibilities it offers. (If this video gets you hooked, we’d definitely recommend picking up a copy of Hector Mancha’s bestselling book The Wonderous World of Pickpocketing).

Download “Introduction to Watch Stealing” by Anthony Grupido today before the special launch price expires!

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