Inevitable Choice by Christian Grace

Inevitable Choice - Christian Grace - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

Seemingly rob a spectator of their free will. Despite them making every decision, their final choice is ultimately inevitable.

“Inevitable Choice” from Christian Grace allows a spectator to impossibly find their own card in a true “needle in the haystack” type moment that is surprisingly easy to perform.

Your participant is invited to choose a playing card from a pack they can clearly see has all different cards. It is then lost in the deck and the cards are shuffled. As you deal cards to the table, the spectator is invited to call “stop” whenever they’d like. This is repeated multiple times until you go through the whole deck of cards. Each time, they truly call stop whenever they want and you very

cleanly put the card they stop on to the side.

You then work through the smaller packet in the same fashion until just a few cards are left. The spectator makes a choice from the remaining cards and, impossibly, it is their card. You don’t need to do any sneaky switches or steals. And they make all the choices.

“Inevitable Choice” is extremely easy to perform thanks to a special deck that allows you to perform this miracle without any complicated sleight of hand required. It’s nearly self-working, with only a tiny bit of on-the-fly mental work needed in some situations. Much of which is made easier by the way the routine has been meticulously structured and a secret system built into the deck. Even better, this deck can be used for most of your favorite card tricks. So, you won’t have to worry about having to carry around extra decks of cards.

This deck is just one part of the puzzle though. The reason “Inevitable Choice” is truly a powerhouse effect is because Christian has truly thought out every detail. In the comprehensive instruction video, he walks you through all the important subtleties you need to undetectably guide your spectators despite the fact they make every choice themselves. No stone was left unturned. Magicians that appreciate audience-tested material, where every nuance is carefully crafted, will smile from ear to ear when they see the level of thought that went into this effect—especially the very subtle (but brilliant) design features that help bring it all together.

Countless magicians were both fooled AND entertained by this when it was first released at Magifest.

This is a perfect effect for beginners, while also providing the ample presentation possibilities a professional magician desires. As “Inevitable Choice” resets quickly, you can add it to your close-up magic or table-hopping magic sets right away. If you’re performing virtual magic shows, “Inevitable Choice” also works perfectly online.


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