Impressions at the Card Table by Tom Rose (2 DVD)

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“Tom Rose has the chops and charm to disarm you before he destroys you!” Ryan Schlutz

“You want a lesson in what card magic should look like…This is it!” Alan Rorrison

“Oh man this is awesome! Seriously this kid is sick! ” Justin Miller

“Wow, where has Tom come from?? He reminds me of when I first saw Joe Barry or Ben Earl. Watch this guy! ” Ben Williams

“It’s always so nice to see a new exciting young talent emerge on the magic scene. Tom handles cards like a dream and it’s a joy to watch him weave his spells.  The quality of instruction is first class, exactly what we have come to expect from Alakazam Magic. Go grab a deck and enjoy the beautiful card work in this collection. You won’t be disappointed!! ”  John Carey

“In 2016 while at the Blackpool magic convention I was introduced to a young card magician named Tom Rose.  Tom was sitting at a table executing some of the most deceptive, beautiful card magic and gambling sleights I have ever seen.  His handling of the cards is truly masterful and the construction of his effects is perfect. Trust me Tom will soon be known as a master in his field!” Peter Nardi

This amazing DVD set is destined to become a classic to lovers of good card magic.

Included on this DVD..


A Study In Probability, Flow Cutting, Twist, Ace Assembly 1, Ace Assembly 2, Tunnel Vision, Memo Demo 1, Meno Demo 2, Analogue Poker, Homage To Elmer, Tracked, You Think As I Think, Soft Key, The Control Freak


Instant Cutting Production, Quick Cut Production, Slip Removals, Spread Removals, Trapdoor Removal, Finessed False-Count Shuffle, Swing Cut Slug Control, Dribble Undercut Force, Arc Grip Deal, pen Glimpse, COF Switch

Each effect and move is performed and taught in great detail at the Alakazam Studio where Tom is Joined by Dave Loosley who ensures no stone is left unturned!

This DVD set is packed with awesome effects, moves and tips which are absolutely perfect for you if you’re looking to elevate your card magic!


  1. Please do E=MC² by Nemo and Hanson Chien


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