Hostile by Ben Diesel

Effortless. Like real magic SHOULD be.

A finger ring is linked onto a SOLID rubber band.

And the best part? You HAND IT OUT. LINKED.

MY BRAIN SNAPPED when Ben linked a ring and rubber band, but IT EXPLODED when he handed me the LINKED ring and band. It just wasn’t supposed to be possible.

Yesterday, our studio director Mandy told me a funny story.. During filming, she had no idea she was actually holding a gimmick the whole time. It’s that deceptive.

PROFESSIONALS: This trick looks like special effects. It takes up virtually no pocket space, and is a perfect and mind-blowing finale to any rubber band trick you do.

The look on their faces when you hand out the impossibly linked ring and band is priceless. You’re going to LOVE this.

Download :  Uploaded | Rapidgator | Nitroflare (only Premium )

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