Hole-Some by Kyle Purnell

“Kyle has such a unique approach to creating magic and Hole-Some is the perfect example of his brilliant thinking. You simply should not be able to move a hole on a card, without gimmicks, and have it look this good! Its just not fair.” – David Jonathan

Take control of nothing. Moving hole effects have captured the imagination of audiences for decades. The ability to punch a hole in an object, and then move it around so that the audience can clearly see through the hole when it’s in different locations is the ability to control matter itself. From the quirky mind of Kyle Purnell comes a moving hole effect that’s completely impromptu, and

completely examinable. This is Hole-Some.

Here’s what happens:

A card is selected and signed. A hole is very clearly and cleanly punched in the corner of the signed card. First the card box is used to drag the hole from one side of the card to the other. The audience can clearly see through the hole before and after it is moved. The box is put down and at the performer’s fingertips the hole is once again dragged back across the card. The card can then be given away as a souvenir of an impossible memory.

Hole-Some uses no complicated gimmicks, and requires no special gadgets to accomplish this wildly visual effect. The only thing you need is a deck of cards and a hole punch. The entire effect uses easy to do sleight of hand that is expertly taught by Kyle. The card they sign is the card that has the hole punched in it, and is the card they get to keep. Take control of nothing with Hole-Some by Kyle Purnell.

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