Hole Hopper by Jay Grill

“I literally love this trick. It’s my favorite moving hole effect. It’s something I will continue to carry on me to any gig or performance I’m doing.” –Dalton Wayne

Visually remove a hole from a card, and put it in a card your spectator is holding. You read that right. They are holding the card the hole appears in. They can keep it. There are no complicated gimmicks or refills. This is one of the craziest moving hole effects you’ve ever seen. This is Hole Hopper by Jay Grill.

Here’s what happens:

A card is signed by the spectator and then torn in half. The audience member holds one half of the card, and the magician holds the other. The magician introduces a hole puncher, and punches a hole in their half of the card. With a small rub the magician visually restores the hole in their half of the card. The magician then shows their hands empty before they rub the half of the card the spectator is holding and the hole appears. The spectator can keep their half of the card as an impossible souvenir.

The gimmick for this trick is easy to make, and you can make multiple gimmicks in just a few minutes. All you need to perform this effect is a hole punch and a spectator who’s about to have their reality turned inside out. There is no complicated sleight of hand or fragile gaffs that you’ll be afraid to take into the real world. Your audience will never forget Hole Hopper by Jay Grill.

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