Headline Prediction by Banachek (DVD+PDF) (Re Upload)

Predicting newspaper headlines at a stage show involves getting your predictions to a trusted member of the audience, local government or law enforcement DAYS before your show. It takes preparation, but it’s all part of the show! And in addition to pulling off the largest-scale mentalism trick possible, you are gonna get publicity for it. LOTS of publicity.

Banachek has been predicting headlines in newspaper for years. It’s as big, flashy and impressive as mentalism gets, but the REAL reason it’s so valuable to a working pro is the headlines it gets YOU. Generating publicity is the holy grail of professional entertainment, and the headline prediction is a sure-fire hit when done correctly.

Banachek has been predicting headlines for DECADES. He’s performed it for corporate clients, on TV and in consulting for the most famous magicians in the world.

The master mentalist will personally teach you his FOUR favorite ways to pull off a headline prediction and show the best situations to use each one in.

Everything taught in this download has been used by Banachek and has been proven to work. From simple methods to more complex, they’re all workers that Banachek has used to great success.

Predict the Super Bowl®, Kentucky Derby, election results, weather forecasts, OSCARS®, Grammy® awards, Emmy® awards… you name it! Not only will you predict headlines, but, with Banachek’s help, you will be making headlines, as well.

Headline Prediction by Banachek (DVD+PDF)

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  1. PDF corrupt. Can’t open
    Any help?

  2. Sorry the .Rar file can’t open

  3. RAR Archive is broken, it can’t be unarchived. Also all the last video released had quality issue, could you check them please, I’m happy to pay nitroflare but if the download are all broken I won’t keep the subscription

  4. I agree with you and by the way you guys upload inside the vault by dani daortiz

  5. yes cannot be opened w/ rar

  6. All are true rar file is cracked so plz reupload it and few last dvds have quality problem anyway you haved helped to learn a lot of magic thanx and carry on

  7. Please! reupload rapidgator file! rar is corrupt

  8. Is the file still broken?,anybody downloaded the re-upload version?.

  9. New file is OK! 🙂

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