Guaranteed Jackpot by Mark Elsdon

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Taking the lottery prediction premise to a whole new level, Mark Elsdon’s Guaranteed Jackpot takes your spectator through a wonderful experience and then leaves them with a memorable souvenir at the end.

Lottery prediction effects are always popular, but many are out of the reach of most performers. Guaranteed Jackpot is a fun, easy to learn, easy to perform lottery effect that leaves nothing to chance and will leave your spectators speechless.

You introduce to your audience a random number deck and a lottery ticket. The spectator shuffles the cards, which are then dealt into six piles – like the numbers being filtered down through the lottery machine. The top six random cards are put aside and the numbers one at a time are shown. They match the lottery ticket EXACTLY! And then as a final gesture, you hand the lottery ticket to your spectator as a souvenir.

This brilliantly clever routine is very easy to learn and requires no sleight of hand, meaning you can focus your efforts on the presentation alone, and comes with the specially made wallet and printed number deck (with hidden features).

  • 100% accurate – every time
  • Easy to learn
  • Simple reset
  • Includes specially made wallet
  • Includes specially printed number deck

If you’re looking for a solid, reliable lottery effect for your repertoire, look no further than Guaranteed Jackpot from Mark Elsdon.

Guaranteed Jackpot by Mark Elsdon
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