GO NUTS by Matthew Wright

Instantly load a ring, inside a walnut, inside a kinder egg, inside an orange inside a bag!

An incredible walkaround nest of boxes routine based on the classic stage trick lemon, egg and walnut.

Matthew Wright has been working on this plot for over 15 years and is finally ready to release his close-up version of this reputation making routine.

This impossible plot has been a popular stage effect for over a century and now it is “ready to go” and work in a close-up mix and mingle environment as well as being the perfect trick for table

hopping at weddings, corporate events and dinners.

Everything has been designed with the practical worker in mind. From the simple, invisible, angle proof, instant loading system through to the quick and easy reset times GoNuts is an effect you will be able to preform “on the go”, time after time.

The only prep time is gaffing a regular everyday orange which takes less than a minute and can be done in bulk, hours before hand or on the fly at the venue.

The reset for each performance is about 15 seconds.

Every GoNuts unit comes with:

  • Reusable realistic plastic walnut (which can be substituted for a real walnut if desired)
  • Plastic egg designed to resemble common Kinder egg designs.
  • Gimmicked black velvet bag
  • Specially designed loading system which keeps everything in place and always ready to go when and where you need it.
  • Download instructions detailing everything you need to know about preparing, loading and performing GoNuts.
  • Matthews full Ring on string routine.

Bonus download of Matthews stage trick “nut dropper” which includes many routines and discussions.

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