Glenn West’s Forgery

Glenn West’s Forgery is a brand new twist on a classic of magic. The unique gimmick allows for some of the most visual magic you will ever see.

There are three great effects with Forgery:

A spectator picks a card (no force) and it is lost in the deck. You attempt to find their card, but fail. But wait, in an attempt to correct your mistake, you have the spectator sign the FACE of the

WRONG card and claiming their handwriting will help find their card. With just a few flicks of the card, you cause it to visually change into the selected card, WITH THEIR SIGNATURE STILL ON IT!

Read that again, the spectator’s signature is on the FACE of their chosen card – not the one they signed, their signature never leaves their sight, and yet the card VISUALLY changes into their card, STILL SIGNED.

A card is passed between two jokers and magically turns over – like card warp – but without the folding. No damaging the cards, or leaving any evidence behind.

Ends clean, all three cards can be examined.

A card is selected and placed face down on the table. A second card is signed on its face. You simply wipe across the signature and it disappears only to be found on the card that has been on the table the whole time.

That’s right, the spectator’s own signature jumps from the FACE of one card, to the FACE of another! And in the end BOTH cards can be fully examined.

Comes complete with performance and explanation DVD!

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