Gifts From The Elders Vol.01 by Julien Losa

“I realize now how so many tricks are printed and then passed up by magi until they actually see them performed.” (Annemann)

This quote was true back then and is even more true nowadays ! That’s why I came up with the idea of bringing to life (as in : to video…) great tricks that no one is using !

Easy to do, easy to set up, no special gimmick involved, almost sleight-of-hand free, I carefully curated those tricks that will suit either the professional performer as well as the casual performer.

Picture this :

You introduce two decks of card (with different coloured back) and ask a spectator to pick a card in the blue deck. Then you ask a second spectator to pick a card in the red deck. Both are signed and replaced in their respective decks. A magic pass and…they switch places !
You keep going by asking both decks to be shuffled, then one spectator takes a deck for himself and you take the remaining one. Both of you will choose a card freely from your respective decks and… They match !
And finally : both decks are shuffled yet again, then two spectators start dealing simultaneously one card at a time from each deck until, at some point, two cards match at the same position ! You show that you predicted both the card and the position !

It is a full mini act with three hard hitting moments with no special gimmick and a *single* easy-to-do sleight ! !

Running time : 39min + companion pdf

“This is a lot of value for very little money! I am not a card magician but, if I needed a fifteen minutes tabled card act with strong material that “no one” is using, I know I could start practicing this now and be able to perform it for a paying audience in less than a week.” Nestor Dee

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