Full Tilt Poker by Jack Tighe

Full Tilt Poker by Jack Tighe - Video Download — bigblindmedia.com

A BBM EXCLUSIVE VIDEO DOWNLOAD – This utterly fooling routine is a blast to perform. A hand of poker has an impossible climax despite your audience having complete control of all the decisions!!

Here’s the scoop – You offer to play a game of Poker with your spectator. They (genuinely) cut the deck and you deal two hands from the random portion they left. The spec checks their own hand and yours is left unseen on the table. Then your plucky adversary gets to decide how many cards you should discard from your hand… one, two, three, four or five, it’s a free choice! You ditch the

number of cards they say and deal replacements.

Despite the completely fair handling, and regardless of the hand the spectator ends up with it, you have a surprise to reveal. Yep, when your hand is turned over you have a Royal Flush in Spades!

This brilliant routine is easy to do, requires only simple sleights and is completely baffling!

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