FU2 by Lloyd Barnes

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An explicit piece of art that jumps up in the middle of a trick like a hilarious jack in the box.

They think you’re doing the best mystery card trick on earth… maybe you are.

A prediction is placed on their hand and they’re told not to look. They then choose a card. (It’s a force… No B.S. here)

When they turn it over, expecting the named card to be there, a big hand flipping the bird greets them. ‘F*CK YOU’ is spelled out in full above it.

Everyone laughs.

At this moment you could get an elephant to drive a bus into the room and nobody would notice. They believe it was just a joke.

They read the guarantee on the card. No need for switches.

It says the EXACT card they chose in the small print…

BAM. Fireworks go off, men and women flock to you while confetti falls from the open sky.


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  2. Coin Thru Nose – Tyler Sutter – can you upload it please

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