FRUITFULL 2.0 by Juan Pablo

Imagine being able to make a bill appear inside a fruit in these impossible conditions:

  • The fruit can be freely chosen by the spectator.
  • The bill is signed
  • The knife it’s borrowed.

This is Fruitfull 2.0!

To be able to perform this miracle you will only need a small gimmick that will fit in your pocket and will let you do this classic of magic remastered.

Easy to do. Resets instantly.


“Juan Pablo fooled me once again. This is the easiest and most practical method I had ever seen to make appear a signed note into any fruit.”
– Mr. Tango (FISM winner)

“I cannot believe it!!! A bill signed by a spectator appears inside a fruit chosen by him in IMPOSSIBLE conditions. Juan Pablo designed an incredible method for a dream effect!!!”
– Henry Evans


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