Fruit-Filled by Craig Stegall

Two different packs of gum (your choice) are examined and then, one at a time, you push BOTH into one closed fist only to have them emerge, with no fishy moves or ditching of any kind, from your fist as ONE PACK that can then be handed out to have the spectator open. What they find inside will blow their minds. An easy to make version of a classic gimmick you’ll find yourself using for many other applications as well. Take a peek at the demo video.

You will need to do a little of the “dreaded arts & crafts”, but it’s so easy. A well-adjusted 12year old can handle it, start to finish. You’ll need to spend about $5 on a couple very easy to find, if not already owned around the house materials, hence why I’ve kept the download price so low.
This is easy to do, great magic, that takes about 20 minutes of VERY EASY one-time prep on your part.
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