Flight Of The Kings by Paul Gordon (only Premium)

1. Coincidence: Four freely chosen cards turn out to be the 4 kings.

2. Miracle: Those four kings invisibly fly from 4 random places in the deck to your pockets.

3. Killer ending: The moment the trick ends, everyone assumes there are 4 duplicate kings still in the deck. Watching their desire to look through the deck grow, and watching their sheepish looks as they discover they’re gone is a delight in itself, since THERE ARE NO DUPLICATES, and you’re completely clean.

Talk about IMPOSSIBLE! First, four cards are chosen, they happen to all be the four kings. They are put back into the deck in four different areas. Then they VANISH. Now you kick it up a few notches and the freaking kings end up in four different pockets. WHAT???

I’m sure if you are reading this you must be thinking how difficult this trick is to perform? Good news, Flight Of The Kings is actually pretty easy.

I bet you are also thinking there must be duplicate kings? Wrong again, no duplicates.

It’s a miracle! Multiple phases, the trick gets increasingly more impossible and the method is extremely practical. Flight Of The Kings is a show in itself, this trick KILLS.

Flight Of The Kings by Paul Gordon (only Premium)
Download : Nitroflare (only Premium )

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