Fat Brothers 2 by Dani DaOrtiz, Christian Engblom and Miguel Angel Gea Volume 1

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After two years of recording, from Spain, Finland and the U.S., is now available the second DVD of Fat Brothers.

Dani DaortizChristian Engblom and Miguel Angel Gea venture into a new adventure, with new locations: Magic Castle, Meetings cartom�gicas del Escorial, Magic SEI of Madrid, Las Vegas … where they perform and explain 12 surprising tricks:

    • Entertainment of a Coin


    • The Reel Thing


    • A Cheeky Triumph


    • Colors in Order


    • Felt Trio


    • Double Haunted Deck


    • The Flexible Coin


    • Through The Table


    • Open triumph


    • In the middle of the Cards


    • Quick triumph


    • NxA Trick

Also, once again, have the cooperation of great friends and magicians as they are, in this case: Juan Tamariz, Paul Wilson, Javier Benitez, Pit Harling, Howard Hamburg, Michael Weber …

Two Discs and a lot of magic!

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  1. Can you please post Volume 2?

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