Eyepopper by Johannes Mengel

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Terrifyingly Real

Eyepopper is the definition of “coin from an impossible place”.

A twisted piece of magic. Brought to life by the chilling mind of Johannes Mengel. Author of multiple Ellusionist hits including Breaking Pointand Break Through, Johannes only creates effects that leave the spectator’s jaw on the floor.

With Eyepopper, you allow a spectator to feel a coin pushing up from under the skin on your face… then, without warning, you slowly pull the coin out of your own EYE.

“Between Johannes’ Breaking Point and his brilliant new effect, I now have a powerful, realistic and shocking close up set I can do at a moment’s notice with nothing on me but a single coin. I highly recommend this release!” – Dee Christopher (Star of BBC’s Killer Magic)

This is the type of magic
 that has a true impact. That gives your spectator the undoubted impression that something impossibly wicked just happened… Trust us when we say they’ll be talking about your performance for years after.

Simple, impromptu… 100% spine chilling.

Learn it now.

(Eyepopper is 100% safe to perform. The coin is never in your eye)

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  1. Please upload Max Maven’s Nothing and Videomind

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