Ethereal By Lewis Le Val

Ethereal By Lewis Le Val — Mindhaus

Unleash the power of the invisible touch.

Venture into higher states of consciousness with Ethereal by Lewis Le Val – a groundbreaking tutorial inspired by Banachek’s legendary Psychokinetic Touches.

In Ethereal, you will learn a variety of secrets for creating an ‘invisible touch’, along with routines to showcase the phenomena.


Replicant has garnered accolades from renowned magicians and mentalists worldwide, and when you see it, you’ll understand why. This three-phase routine allows you to touch your hand or the hand of another, and cause somebody else to feel those touches whilst you’re nowhere near them. Not only that, they’ll be able to count each touch out loud as they’re happening, even with their eyes closed.


In replicant reveal, you’ll learn how to turn the routine into a fascinating way of revealing information that you have peeked or forced.


A three-phase invisible touch routine designed for seamless execution from afar, without a hint of physical contact (not even secretly).


A set of techniques to manifest various energies perceivable by participants, even with eyes closed. The Kukulkan secrets are flexible and can be integrated into your existing mentalism routines.

You’ll also find plenty of advice, tips, extra ideas and further methods throughout.

Did we mention that you won’t need any props or gimmicks? The Ethereal methods are all entirely propless*.

Indulge in the transcendental experience with Ethereal, perfectly crafted to match the ideal length of a shamanic journey meditation – a blissful 60 minutes. So, sink into the lotus position, ignite some incense, and brace yourself to journey into the higher realm of reality.

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