Eric Evans LIVE ACT (only Premium)

“Forget how much you think you know. When you see Eric Evans perform, he will remind you very quickly how much you don’t know.” – Gazzo

“A small bag of tricks goes a long way in the hands of Eric Evans.” – Birdie Mcclaine (legendary street performer)
Have you seen his coin work? You’ll never see anything like it again.” – Rikki ‘Mr. Toot” Palmer
“Eric Evans is one of my top 3 lecturers of all time.” – Jamie Grant (former writer for MAGIC Magazine, Creator of Trick of the Year, and Book of the Year)

“Eric is one of my all time favorite humans…and happens to also be one of the wisest magicians walking this planet.” – Douglas Conn (author, street magician)
“He’s not an asshole and he ain’t half bad at the rest of it.” – Dusty Campbell (some clown)
“There are only a few people on this planet that can gather a crowd fo strangers in a seemingly effortless manner, cajole them into doing almost anything, and then finish with a crowd of friends that show their gratitude in smiles and money. Eric Evans is not just one of those people, but he wrote the book on the art of the street.” – Jungle Josh (street magician)
“If you want to see what happens when the artistic magic of Cellini meets the overwhelming tactics of Sun Tzu, watch Eric Evans. He has somehow managed to raise street magic to a new level, while making it simpler and more accessible for the performer.” – Eric Henning
“Great students come from great teachers, and great students become great teachers. Eric Evans is the former and the latter.” – Warpo Cole (street magician, raconteur)

Eric Evans, the most portable street magician I’ve ever seen. Masterful sleights, supreme crowd work. Also, his book The Secret Art of Magic is the best I’ve ever read on our craft.” — Nick Nicholas (street magician par excellence)

What will he teach?

Aaron’s Wand- A magic stick disappears and reappears from a coin purse.

QuickSilver Dollar- A single coin “flurry” that ends with a production of countless jumbo coins.

Cut and Restored Rope- A classic that may fool the best all the same.

Mad Hatter- A novel card divination.

Rock from Shoe

Tips– Beyond teaching theses solid and effective routines, Eric also shares invaluable advice on gathering a crowd, how to interact with the audience for maximum impact, and how to ensure the biggest tip after your performances.

Who is he?

Eric Evans comes to us from Austin, Texas. Over a career that has spanned almost three decades, he has toured all over the world performing on streets and in theaters. He is a student of  two gifted and kind teachers, both internationally recognized for their outstanding contributions to magic: Ernest Earick (who’s work was featured in Steven Minch’s book, “By Forces Unseen”) and Jim Cellini (Internationally acclaimed “King of the Street” and author of “The Royal Touch”). Eric’s manipulations have been compared to the likes of Fred Kaps, Cardini, and T Nelson Downs. He wrote the book “The Secret Art of Magic” along with Nowlin Craver,  and is an award-winning magician who has also been twice nominated for Parlor Magician of the Year at the Magic Castle.

Eric Evans LIVE ACT (only Premium)
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