Eden – Logic 2

Logic 2 is a complete course on the foundation of card manipulation. Eden walks through step by step on everything you need to know about card manipulation.



πŸ“Ί There is no superiority between modern and classic. πŸ“±

In the end, they are the same in the roots that they both want to show good things.

Let’s mix, change, and create!

[ CHAPTER β€˜ 1 β€˜ ] πŸ’΅ 20$

– One Card Routine

– Five Card Routine

– Fan Production 1

– Fan Production 2

– Pivot Routine

– Fan Moving

Strong basics of card manipulation have been recomposed as a classic routine.

The routines which have been presented by many magicians before have been composed more sophisticated and visual.


[ CHAPTER β€˜ 2 β€˜ ] πŸ’΅ 20$

– Card Color Change

– Twilling

– Card Roll Down

– Perfect+Backpalm

– Tenkai+Wilson

– Juliana Chen Production+Backpalm+Perfect

It’s not difficult. Those which were used are all the basics.

If you have found strong enough basics, you can do it without a difficult gimmick.

Try the card manipulation routines right now, which have been recomposed with a contemporary feel.


Store Manager Note:

Eden has chosen to teach this course without any talking so you can focus on following each movement.

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