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Welcome to Ecrof: A revolutionary new method that allows the performer to influence a spectator to think of practically anything!

Names, places, pictures, shapes, countries, people, hobbies, objects, playing cards; all of these and many more ideas are covered. The spectator even changes their mind!

Not only that, but Ross includes a full step-by-step guide to creating your own forces utilising this method!

This is REAL influence. REAL Mind-Control.

No gimmicks. No props. No weird processes. Just pure, direct linguistics achieve this effect.
Fraser Parker – “Ross constantly impresses me with his ability to think outside of what is considered ‘the’ way to do things. He knows the difference and is not afraid to push past boundaries. I therefore put him ‘up there’ with the best of the best, currently trying to evolve the art past what we thought was previously possible. Having direct experience of his thought process and the ingenious way he applies modern technique, as well as creating his own principles to get the job done, I can say his work comes highly recommended!”

Lloyd Barnes – “Seriously amazing work… this is too good to release”

Jakob Michaels – “Just busted a nut whilst reading the object force…you clever bastard you. I’m 12 pages in and inspired, this is fucking great!”

Ben Cardall – “Love it”

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